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Bio       Home Base:  Philadelphia, PA.    Enquiries    or  Telephone:  302.475.0990

Joan Zylkin Live Event Artist

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Joan Zylkin Wedding Painter

I am a Wedding Painter and Live Event Painter, sometimes known as a Muralist. My name is Joan Zylkin, I am an academy trained fine artist, based in Philadelphia PA. and I first had the idea to paint live at events some fifteen years ago, during which time I have also painted stage performances of all kinds, including, Shakespeare, Broadway Shows, Gilbert and Sullivan, Rock Bands, Blues Festivals, Jazz Festivals, Orchestras and more ... I am able to capture people in motion and the energy of the event. In other words, I am doing what I love, I am painting LIFE.

You may have seen me painting at a Korean Wedding, Painting at Jewish Weddings, painting painting at a Quaker Weddings. I am also available to do painting at Asian Weddings, painting at Indian Weddings, painting at Chinese Weddings.